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I would like to thank Mark for giving me a baby albino stripped cal king.As some of you know I work in a local high school in a classroom with teen with FAS.I was thinking about bringing in a snake for the kids so they could learn about the "ins"and "outs" of snakes.
I brought this up with mark awhile ago and he jumped on it and offered this little snake right away without any hesitation.This about 2 months ago.Well I just wanted to say Thank You to Mark for this wonderful contribution to our classroom.The kids love it.The first thing they do in the morning is check on the little one who is now named "Flash".They each take turns in feeding,cleaning and the day to day emptying and filling up of the water bowl.
This is about as close to a pet as most of them will get and as weird as it may sound it seems to give them somthing to look forward to when coming to school.
Once again THANK YOU Mark.The world could use a few more people like you in it

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