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2 bedroom apartment. 1.0 dog, 0.2 cat, 0.2 humans the other being my daughter 1.2 ball pythons, 1.0 siberian dwarf hamster, 2.2 rats, 1.7.12 mice, 1.0 mini rex rabbit. All stay in my room well not the kid dog some of the mice, or cat but the rest do. I have family that would freak if they saw a mouse or rat so they stay stashed there. I think its a bit tacky to have a rabbit cage in the living room, he is litter trained though so I just empty it every night before I go to bed and Ive been letting him have run of the balconey lately since he is gettin fat. Its also the quietest place for the snakes plus its easier to keep the temps up in my room for them there.
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