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3 bdrm house with full basement.. right now we've only got 1.1 beardies, and 0.1 african dwarf frogs herp-wise. Also in here are 2.2 humans, 2.0 dogs, 1.5.39 rats, 4.7.26 gerbils, and about 9000 mealies [count of rodents will soon be zero, with mealies quickly following] all the rodents are in the basement right now in tanks. the dogs and beardies are on the kitchen/living/dining room level and us people and the poor lonely frog are on the bedroom/bathroom level Oh and in about 3 mths 2.4 veild chams and a batch o'baby beardies will be joining our zoo.

We've had 10 leopard geckos, 2 white lines geckos, 2 kenyan sand boas, 2 southern pinesnakes, 22 cornsnakes, 4 sinaloan milksnakes, and 6 ball pythons.

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