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Thank you all, I was away for the weekend and now that I see this it makes me feel a lot better. She wasn't gravid when i got her, but she mated with the male around Christmas and form what I assumed, and others as well, nothing came of it, so I cooled her to try again. Big mistake I guess. Many things could have killed these eggs...the cooling, the fact that I wasn't expecting them and they may have been in there for a while, and the fact that the male was in there too and the weight of both of them on the eggs maybe flattened them...I dunno. But I was very pissed becuase I have been growing up different species of boas and pythons for years and these were the first ones that ever bred for me. But I appreciate all you have said because I have never posted on here before and I really didn't expect a reply. But thank you very much. Lizard breeding is easy, but I guess snakes are more difficult. I appreciate all of your replies. I'll fatten her up for next year I guess, and this time I'll be more careful! Thanks again.

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