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I have had lots of discussions with many ppl and I have taken the descision to house SOME of my pairs together during the off breeding season .. I have never ever had any problems with it .. I personally think it to be benefical to them .. I know theres a million reason why not to do it .. but I think it can be done if it's done in the right manner... Many are house seperatly but IN MY OPPINION I think it to be to there advantage to be together (for some)..

One large cage offers way more room to both and offers more temp differences .. many more hides and and perches.. Its just my way of optimizing there room .. true its super super expensive to heat but It means a better lifestyle for the snakes.. I beleive that these animals required .. a ***** lot of space .. way more than the minimum requirements .. again just my oppinion..

But i do agree with you and you do make a great point .. nevertheless .. I aint changing my ways...


Thanks .. I am really starting to have a nice collections .. both my savanahs are perfectly tames .. one is named Miss Burnseys, (female) I got her about 9 month ago .. she had gotten a burn about 6 inches long on her back .. 2 inches wide and about 1 cm deep .. She almost died .. after many vet bills x-rays and a lot of baythryll, bath betadine and personal attention, she pulled thrue.. Her back is completly white but she has pulled thrue great and now is just like any other garbage can!

My male is the biggest savanah I have ever seen .. only 3 feet 2 inches but He is honestly round as a football! ITs nuts he is gigantic...

Monitors are my fav of all lizards!

Take care
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