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Hey Dom!!!!

Hey dom i just read in the toronto sun that Little Rays is on a caiman hunting expendition in the haliburton area LOL NEED HELP LOL!! or does he need a home when paul catchs him? Are you helping with the capture?if so ya better watch all them croc hunter reruns there on at 1;00 , 6;00 and midnight LOL!!! This just backs my claim on the croc forum that most ppl just dont realize what there getting into and dont have a clue what to do with them when they get that 6' range like that one is.any how tell paul i wish him luck and you to if your in on it kkep me posted ok man, this doesnt happen much up here and hes gonna be in bad shape when ya get him the water is WAY to cold in that lake for a caiman best bet is on the bank at night with a boat without a motor (canoe etc) jsut the vibrations of a moter will put him under the water before they ever get ot him IMO ,GOOD LUCK!! :grab:
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