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Although Iggy's are well known to carry salmonella, all reptiles have the capabilities. Salmonella is a baterial infection that is usually found in feces. When your snake defecates, he may crawl through it, therefore spreading the bacteria (if he/she does indeed have it) throughout the cage and on his body himself. Incubation can be anywhere between 3 to 10 days, although usually symptoms occur within 2 days. Symptoms are diarrhea, vomitting, stomach pains, and fever. In a few extreme cases, salmonella can lead to typhoid fever, which is very serious. The normal fatality rate for a person that has contracted the salmonella bacteria is extremely low. Less than 1% die. The hardest hit are the elderly and children. Most cases involve children that have handled reptiles, and contracted the bacteria that way. Keep in mind, that salmonella can be passed by other ways other than feces. Saliva (as in a bite) has been known to pass the bacteria along. I hope this helped.
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