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basically irc = internet relay chat..

you download the client.. there are many different kidns of clients/scripts that do many a different things.. the basic one would be and download the client some efnet servers would be (i think its org or net or come lol)
actually i'm goin to just link to a efnet server page instead of listing them...
will list off the different servers you can use to connect to efnet...

if you have any questions u can pm me and i will help you set up a client.. for thouse that are a lil more advance and feel comfortable with irc n what not i woudl sugesst the script peace and protection... its a great script and is very handy you can get it from

so we have the channel with a temp bot net set up with a few clients on different servers connecting from different machines thus holding the channel... anyone that wants to chat come n join the channel...

a few commands that may come in handy while on irc

/j # (put the name of the channel/chat room you want to join)
/j #ssnakess (to join the ssnakess chat)

you can do actions by typing

/me takes a drink of ______
that will basicly post to the chan

memento takes a drink of _____ (done in a different colour then normal chat) its for doing actions n what not... heh
/me laughs

/part #(channel name) will leave a chat room
/msg (nick namewithout brackets) will send a private message to the user.
/ping (#channle or nick) will ping the person and tell you what delay there is in seconds between your two connections...

thats all i can think of right now.. oh and /quit heh to quit the server
/server (server name) to join or change your current server
/nick (new nick) will allow you to change your nick name...

hope that helps..