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Unhappy Childresn python finally laid eggs and they are all BAD!!!!!

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I waited for this for the last nine months! That childrens python I kept posting about (the Henry Piorun bloodline) that I thought was gravid, then not...people looked at her and couldn't tell. She mated with the male, nothing happened, 4 months later she was cooled (on the advice of a few other people who have bred this species before). She came out of cooling and refused food for a month and a half, then laid 8 eggs that are all moldy! Now maybe I missed the eggs, because I wasn't expecting them, these were my first snake eggs, but I don't know what happened. I AM SO MAD!!!! This is so not fair. She won't be able to breed agian this year will she? This is justy so not fair and I have few friends that care about snakes so I had to tell someone!!!! Thanks for listening to my ranting. Someone just kill me, life is so unfair to me!!!!
Lisa Pawley
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