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Hello. Actually, did you know the largest growing sector of reptile ownership and breeding is here in ALberta?

Part of our hypothetic business plan would be have an online site where all of the supplies and animals can be purchased in one area. Anything that would be in the store, would be online and you can pay via credit card.

The store was supposed to be a milestone that would occur in the future. There is a possibility that airlines may eventually decide to no longer ship animals. Therefore, the majority of breeders in Ontario would no longer be able to ship animals here.

You are correct though, with the demand that we currently have, the store would have to be good enough and close enough to travel to. If it would save on shipping charges via airplane.

Another question: Would you not rather see the animal before just having it shipped? Would you find it beneficial to actually touch it and look at it, rather than just ordering it. I am just curious. I don't buy reptiles, so I am speculating that this would be advantagous.

Thanks again.
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