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The worst are the people who go to the Welcome forum and fill in "welcome!" to a million trillion posts, even if they've already welcomed those people! I mean it's great to make people feel welcome, don't get me wrong... it's just annoying to see that.. Agreed with BW about the quality over quantity... although it'd be great to have a ton of great, informative posts! Unfortunately that's not always the case... haha, maybe there should be a 10 word limit? Meaning any posts under 10 words don't actually count as a post... lol that'd be cool! Then you'd start getting more feedback on pictures... and people who just wanted more stars could actually take the time to give their opinion on what they did/didn't like!

I like that idea


PS - AGREED about the editing bit...
PPS - jpaulson, I want that bumper sticker! lol
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