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Yeah Bush is very transparent in my opinion. That false look of concern doesn't fool me... well I don't believe at all the concern is for the Iraqi people.

Saddam has never posed a threat to the US. He may be a tyrant to his own people. I just find it so amazing that they consider oil rich Iraq to be such a threat when North Korea is basically jumping up and down shouting "we got nukes!". Pakistan has nukes and so does India. Pakistan contains more of the radical extremist muslim element than Iraq. Osama and Saddam are on opposite ends of the spectrum... both complete a-holes mind you!

"Weapons of mass destruction"... now that is an interesting term. I would say that sanctions on the Iraqi people is a weapon of mass destruction.

Which is the only country to use the ultimate weapon of mass destruction? Dropping nukes on innocent Japanese civilians... was that not one of the greatest acts of terrorism in our history? Purposly targetting civilians of a country to get at the government. I hear the excuse that it was to end the second world war.. hmmm... nice excuse. Japan attacks a US naval base so the US throws a couple of nukes on major civilian centres... sounds fair doesn't it?

We get a very one sided story on CNN and through the American media. I think people have just gotten a little bit smarter and the simpleton antics of the American president can be easily laughed at. "Axis of Evil?"... what is this... a bloody Star Wars movie!?

Saying all this I'm not anti american and pro arab or anything like that. The Arab/Muslim world has its own share of problems and issues that they need to sort out.
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