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Plz help with new avatar

i was playing around with some images i found and made myself a new avatar, not quite what i wanted though. it will do for now. i did have it 100x100 but it said it was too big so i had to make it 90x90. ok well anyway, i tried and tried to get that one snake with it's mouth wide open trimmed to just that. i wanted to crop it right at the edges but found it impossible. or i just dont know what im doing. im using macromedia fireworks to do it. can anyone tell me how to get it trimmed just to the edges of the python? i wanted to have a background image and have the python pasted over it, but without it trimmed it kinda looks ugly blocking 50% of the background image. any help will be greatly appreciated.
oh yeah any tips you guys have about the new avatar? do ya like it or hate it? just speak your mind.
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