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It is highly unlikely that your snake aquired mites from the cypress mulch. If your snake aquired snake mites (small and BLACK), it was likely from another source. If you purchased it from a pet store, they most likely had an infestation, and perhaps a mite or two travelled onto the cyrpess mulch to use as a host, or on to yourself and go in that way. Snake mites live on reptiles, not in mulch. If these were WHITE, then they are just harmless little wood mites. These are perfectly normal in natural substrates of any kind, and are of no cause for concern. They will bother you mroe than your snakie If you wish to do without the, just make sure you bake the mulch prior to using it If you are indeed battling snake mites, then there are safer methods than Ivermectin (prescribed by a vet). You can use NIX, which is a lice shampoo for humans. This is by far one of the best methods, and is highly effective. Dilute one bottle of Nix (2oz) to one gallon of water, spray all over cage and snake. Repeat in 3 days, then in 2 weeks, and again once more in 2 weeks. Hope this helped
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