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Wink Its alright...

...there seems to be some confusion stemming from other sources at this point so I don't think there is anything to worry about There are a lot of people that are just as upset by this entire thing as yourself Nicky - its sort of heartwarming for us to see so many people stand up against this for an iguana.

Right now she is in temporary foster care just so we can finish the medical diagnostics. Once that has been completed we will post her up for adoption - we will actually probably start accepting applications for her by tomorrow if all goes well.

Some further information did come in last night as well that we are going to keep on file - so far no positive id yet but we have our fingers crossed. Truthfully we are not sure on the exact circumstances of this but what we do know is that they entered the show with the iguana originally. So we'll see how things go from here.

Hopefully my clarification reached the eyes of those that might be misunderstanding the situation at hand.

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