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Yup. I agree with everyone, Zoo-Med bulbs are much better. You still get duds on occassion, however they are far more reliable than the Exo-Terra ones (this is one of those instances where ya get what ya pay for ) Does the store allow you to exchange them? I recommend just using regular incandescent or red/black lights that you can get at a hardware store, if you wish to use lights as the method of heating.

Originally posted by asphyxia
For some of my set ups I just use the Infrared heat lamps from home depot about $9.00 or the floods $4.00
Flood lamps? As far as I know they aren't even rated for indoor use. Do you mean those smaller halogen lamps? I could understand using a flood for providing a 130 degree basking spot for a monitor in a *room*, provided the proper outdoor fixtures were setup, but I wouldn't even consider using them in any other application.
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