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This entire thread is WHY you have this extreme law on your books. The only way to get the law changed, and YES it can be changed. Is to get an INTELLIGENT organized group, with the proper public respect to propose something. As jpaulson has said, unfortunatly reptiles have an extremely bad rap across the world. Going on rants on this site does not help that idea.

With the original post I feel for Simon that really sucks. What needs to be done is to organize. Get your Herp Society, vets, Zoo curators, a good polatician involved, and the dreded lawyer, to get together and write up a responsible proposal to submit to the lawmakers. Include the EXACT details, not just a general idea. Also provide how the program should be funded(This is the most important detail)

Getting into arguement on here is pure stupidity. Laws are needed. If you have to verify that your keeping your pets responsibly in order to keep them. That should be no issue, because you should be keeping them that way in the first place.The government looks at all the people as children. As you probably do with your kids, when they show they can handle more responsability, you give them more privledges.

Our herp society is going through this at this very moment to re-write the herp laws for the state of Illinois. This is not a quick process, but if you care at all for your animals you should organize and get this started.
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