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IMHO it is a waste of time, money and energy to give UVA and/or UVB to all boids. Basically a nocternal animal does not require any suppliment lighting since they are hiding most of the day. I must agree that giving them UVA and UVB won't hurt but it won't help either. Infact, it is my belief that if you give nocternal snakes bright lighting it actually stresses them out. If this is the case then what good is it?

P.S. What does the number of years of herping experience have to do with anything? If you want to get technical I've got 13 years experience (5 years with Turtles and 8 years with boids).......but who really cares anyways? It's not the number of years of experience that matters, it's what you've learned with that experience that counts.
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