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Just clarifying myself

Um when reptilerescue but down that clariffacation thing I thought that waht happens if some of you misunderstood me. when I said " those f***** people" I was refering to that ONE person who dumped the iguana NOT the breeders Jeff,joe,mellisa and lots more are all great breeders and I fully comment al those people who helped in the crisis. Um by the way I was at the show around 12-12:40 and I did see someone buy an iguana is that the one who got dumped or was that the one that was replacing the one they dumped or was it just a guy and his girl buying a pet? ??Anyway hope there was no confusment
LONG LIVED BREEDERS! (and everyone else who loves herps!)
Glad to hear the girls getting better. um just wondering whos she going to live with? I could ask friends if there intrested or but up an add on a ( I know the site that hates us)? Or have you found a home? Did you catch the people responsible?
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