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Marissa, in my opinion, just about ALL the general public, including the lawmakers, are clueless as to the proper and resonsible care of reptiles. We can educate all we can, but this is a battle that began with Adam, and will continue well into the future. I realized this problem when I got into reptiles, and knowingly chose to accept it. So the obvious question we should now ask is how do we change it? How do we change thier thinking? How do we convince them that reptiles mean to us what dogs and cats mean to them? I'm not sure I have the correct answer, but I can tell you what is NOT the answer--having a handful of jerks out there abusing thier priviledge of ownership of these magnificant creatures. That, in turn, leads to more fear, more mis-conceptions, and more ignorance. You can't blame the lawmakers for all of this, and I know you are not. Keep in mind, though, that the lawmakers answer to the general public. If most of the general public is scared to death of snakes, how popular will that lawmaker be at next elections? Not saying it is right, but it is valid. Lemme give you an example, one that you touched on earlier. I am a smoker, yet 75% of americans do not smoke. Sure, I feel shunted at times, but I accept it. For one, it is a hazard to others, and I respect and agree with that. Do I blame the lawmakers for banning smoking in just about every public place now? No, because I realize that it is all a numbers game, and I am at the short end. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to compare apples to apples with snakes. There is a difference. My point is, they have to answer to the majority. In a democracy, the majority wins.

Gino, very valid points you are making as well, and I commend and respect that. I DO understand your points as well. At some point, people just gotta stop and use a little common sense.

Thank you, guys, for your opinions and comments. I guess at some point people just need to agree to disagree.
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