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Alright, now I have nothing to argue as everything you said is very true. However you said if people continuously stabbed people with pens, they would ban it. I haven't heard of many snakes bites, never mind deaths, so that logic would not apply to this. However you made very valid points. Yes, it is very unfortunate that the irrisponsible have to ruin it for us all.

(For the record, stabbing someone with a pen is considered using a deadly weapon, should it kill.)
Exactly, as is if your dog kills someone, you go to jail for murder. That is what they should do, dont ban them all together, require permits such as guns. As far as the pen statement, howmany people have been shot and killed yet they still allow guns with permits. Again, very valid points. I understand you fully now. One more thing, chicken and many other things carry samonella, they aren't banned. Please note I am not arguing against you, as you are stating facts, that is all I am doing as well. The thing is, all the statements you say about snakes are true, and that IS the reason they ban snakes. The thing is, SNAKES ARENT THE ONLY ONES WHO POSE THESE GIVEN THREATS. That is what angers me, the real reason behind the law is that they see no importance or need for snakes, the reasons you give, which they use, are a bunch of crap they use as an excuse.
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