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O.k. I get your point. The idiots who break the laws are pushing the bar for the rest of us.

But when does it become THE IDIOTS who MAKE the laws need to stop? Just because the law is made is it right?


And frankly, unless my cornsnake got loose in toronto and someone ate his feces, no havoc could be brought. And I am sorry but lots of local animals also carry nasty things. I guess we should go out and get rid of them because of that one stupid person who is going to ingest their fecees. ????

That makes no sense.

If the laws make no sense, and the people making them constantly refuse to listen, I am supposed to sit back and say "well they are the lawmakers!" Wrong. I will not.

And if it means breaking a law that makes no sense in the first place, so be it.

And yes the laws are there to prevent larger snakes. But if the person making the law was informed, it could instead state "No snakes allowed whos adult size can surpass 8ft" or some such. But because they can't and won't make this simple change I am supposed to get rid of my snakes to protect the stupid people who have burms and retics? I am supposed to get rid of my snakes because the person who made the law didn't word it in a more informed manner?

Yeah, right. Sorry I just don't understand the logic of following laws that clearly make no factual sense because 1 out of 20 people might be a total idiot, and because the lawmaker knew nothing about what they were doing.

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