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I am going under the impression that the REASON they say 2 feet, is to PREVENT a large snake, be it a boid, a hot, or a python, from getting that large and causing FUTURE harm or fear. In most states, it is a violation to house your large snake in a window, that would be visible to the general public. OK, so now someone is telling me where I can and cannot house a snake in my OWN home? But, it is our responsibility as keepers to keep the public as calm as possible. Whether we like it or not, most people have a fear of snakes, or reptiles for that fact. Now, I could house my snakes in the front window, and basically say "screw the laws"...but, by doing that, I am now hurting EVERYONE'S priviledge, be it a small part, at keeping reptiles.

As far as the pen comment, no, we should not ban pens. I never said we should ban reptiles either. But, if enough people DO go out and start stabbing people with pens, do you not think that they would ban them? (For the record, stabbing someone with a pen is considered using a deadly weapon, should it kill.) I was saying that if people CONTINUE to violate the laws, then EVENTUALLY a permanent ban could go into place. Those that break these laws give these lobbyists more power behind them.

Marisa, I am sure you are well aware that many reptiles carry salmonella. Also, consider that ANY snake, be it a corn snake or a childrens python, is still a WILD ANIMAL and therefore, we will never be able to predict 100% what they will do. So, your corn snake, should it be aggressive and carry salmonella, could very easily wreak havoc on Toronto. Likelyhood, slim. Chances, slim. Reality, YES!!

True, regulations will never stop. But, that is also because some peoples' stupidity will never stop, either. Why must we put "non-edible" on septic pumping trucks? Why must we put "do not consume" on a container of rat poison? For God's sake, they are trying to sue McDonalds for causing someone's obesity!! That is insane!! But, the reality is that these laws and regulations are put in place because someone, somewhere, has tried to do these things. Truly unbelievable, yet they happen!! Regulations will not end, not because people are put off by the ones that keep adding them, but because of the select few idiots out there that continue to push the "bar".

Everyone keeps saying "I am resonsible, who has the right to tell ME how to keep my snakes?" My argument is not with any of you, it is towards the idiots that continuously break the simple, common sense rules, therefore forcing the lawmakers to make things strict.

If the "bad apples" continue to violate these laws, then it COULD lead to a complete ban. At that point, who are you going to blame? The lawmakers for attempting to make things safer, or the bad apples that forced them into making that ban?

FYI, Gino, certain dogs ARE banned in certain cities. Remember someone making a comment about "anti-pitbull" regulations? And why do you suppose that this happened? Because a select few thought it would be cute to train thier dog to attack. People DIED!! Kids have DIED!! So how many people have to die or get injured before people take these laws seriously?

In many areas, a busy intersection will only get a traffic light when a certain number of deaths have occured there. Most people are good drivers--but there are obviously a few "bad apples" that caused those deaths.
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