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We, as a society, MUST have laws and regulations to keep order.
How is keeping a few snakes not keeping order? That is what I meant earlier, about me not thinking you would say this kind of thing. Keeping and breeding snakes is not a threat if you are responsible. As I said before, that is like saying you can't have pens. If I am responsible, I will not stab anyone with it and will keep order. If i am not responsible I will stab someone and wont keep order. Are you saying it is fine to ban pens because there is a potential for harm? I am saying that for boids or coloubrids, and such of the sort, banning these are ridiculous, no one mentioned venomous snakes.

BUT, you have to remember that for every responsible herper there is, there is an irresponsible herper harming this hobby. They are the ones that purchase these snakes, and do not realize the COST of food and husbandry.
Again, I am going to make the same argument. There are people who can keep knifes in the house responsibly. However there are also those who kill and stab people with them, shall we ban knifes now?

Now Los Ministro, I never said that a burm wasn't dangerous, but please listen to yourself. Your idea is that anything which poses a threat should be banned. Yes, there is a potential threat with large snakes, there is a potential threat with just about everything. Alright so I am going to open a town, I am going to ban ALL humans because they are not an inanimate object and CAN hurt someone because they have a mind of your own. Don't get me wrong, I do not feel any Tom, **** or Harry should be able to house a big snake, I am just saying that the thought that snakes are mean green killing machines are what makes these ridiculous laws in the first place, make it so that one must have a permit to own one don't just ban them all together. Dogs arent banned, and compare the amount of snake related injuries to the amount of dog related injuries, there is a big difference. The reason dogs aren't banned are because they do not have the reputation of "evil." All I am trying to say is the laws are unfair. Finally, why do we keep referring to burms. The laws made don't say you cannot have a burm, they say you cannot have snakes of a certain size or specie, TWO FEET IN THIS CASE! Please let me know the threat a corn snake or a garter snake poses against us, include a ball python and childrens python in there as boids are banned in a lot of places as well. Yes, they can bite, wow.

And if my corns get out and wreak somesort of havoc over Toronto, well the day that happens I will agree we should all follow the law. But it never will.
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