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I think this is all about uniformed people making these herp laws that make no sense.

In Simons case, we have a very responsible individual (no I dont know him personally but look at his pics and read his posts, its easy to tell he is level headed) who keeps mostly small species of snakes. Someone made this law in London so no 15 foot burmese would get out and hurt someone. But because that person was uninformed they make the law include all snakes, including snakes over 2 feet.

This makes no sense. And frankly, if I have to break the law so be it. I am not going to allow a close minded, uninformed individual tell me what to do, and what I can't do. I just won't do it.

And if my corns get out and wreak somesort of havoc over Toronto, well the day that happens I will agree we should all follow the law. But it never will. In regards to burmese and such, this really has no place in this thread since Simon does not have any retics or burms to my knowledge. I could be wrong though. We are talking about small species, and mostly colubrids at that. Everyone keep your kids inside! Simons 4 foot Miami corns could get loose! *LOL*

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