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I can't believe that some of you are under the impression that a 15ft burm isn't a dangerous animal. It is. People have been killed by smaller ones. Granted, the odds of a 15 ft burm on the loose killing somebody are slim, but it's not inconceiveable. A 15 ft burm isn't equivalent to a steak knife, a burm can move around on its own and attack of its own will, it doesn't need to have a person to wield it. A steak knife on the loose would stay where it was and the worst it could do on its own would be to cut someone's foot, were they to step on it.
It's that kind of attitude towards giant pythons that gets laws like these made. Saying that a full grown burm isn't dangerous is just as stupid as saying people shouldn't be allowed to keep reptiles at all. An escaped burm is just as dangerous as a stray dog, sure it's unlikely that it will hurt anyone but that's not to say that it can't or never will. The reason for many cities' reptile by-laws is some event (like a death or escape) that was precipitated by bad husbandry procedures and ignorance on the part of the keeper. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that people give these animals the respect they deserve (as beautiful creatures AND as potentially dangerous animals).

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