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I will agree with that, Bryce. You did not really specify any particulars in your post, so I responded with the worst case scenario. All that I am saying is that a community must have laws in place to protect all involved. Although some are absurd, most are there for a viable reason.

Keep in mind, though, that you are a responsible herper, or for the sake of argument, I will assume that...I do not know you, so I cannot say for sure. BUT, you have to remember that for every responsible herper there is, there is an irresponsible herper harming this hobby. They are the ones that purchase these snakes, and do not realize the COST of food and husbandry. They are also the ones that think it is funny to "show off" their snakes, and that could lead to problems with your other two reasons.

We need to remember that for the most part, these laws are there to combat those "bad" keepers. Actually, they need these laws to protect them from themselves. Without them, the one that really suffers are the reptiles.
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