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I wasnt saying there should be no licening system for venomas snakes or even large snakes there should be so people that dont know what there getting into dont end up in big trouble since a ball python is relitively harmless and so is a light bulb why is there or anti light bulb laws your only to have 2 15 watt light bulbs and run them for 2 hours since you could burn down your house a drivers licence is much different then having a couple of corn snakes in your home I do belive that there should be licences that people need to get for large and poisonous snakes you obviously didnt read this bit of my post "its not a privledge no one has a right to say what you can and cant do unless it causes physical finacial or mental problems" a person should need a licence to drive car because it can easily cause finacial physical or mental harm me owning a ball python and a jcp causes NONE of those 3 problems yet they would both be illegal if they put that bylaw in place where i live its bull and they dont have the right to do that
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