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No one has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do? It's not a priviledge? Having a drivers license is a priviledge..yet there are laws that govern that. I am sure that you purchase your car tag, your insurance, and get your license renewed when needed. Why? Because if you do not, you are violating the law, and you do not want that priviledge to be taken away. And, yes, they DO have that power. We, as a society, MUST have laws and regulations to keep order. The ones that BREAK these laws are going to be the reason why they ban reptiles all together.

I offer you one last thought to ponder---what if your neighbor has 20 venomous snakes? What if they get out? Again, we are pretending that there are no laws governing this, so there would be no law against keeping them, and no law licensing him to have them...bottom line, a complete idiot could have 20 ven's right next to you and your children, and you could do nothing, except maybe move. Still think that no one should tell us what we can and cannot do or keep?
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