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<< I wouldn't think a member on this forum would talk like that.>>

Sorry, but I was not aware of the proper protocol for speaking your mind. Could you please show me where is the list of what I CAN say so I can please everyone?

"Dude", I DID think really hard about what I said. You assumed that I meant "death to humans" and "biting and killing". Granted, those are slim chances, but they CAN happen. I was referring to the safety of the snake, and the reputation that we as herpers fight hard every day to uphold. A 12' burmese loose in NYC would cause chaos, and ultimately death to the snake. Can you imagine what would happen if someone reported a lost 12' burm in an apartment complex? There would be mass hysteria, and probably an insuing snake hunt. And thats IF the snake is reported. If that person has broken the law with that size reptile, do you think they would STILL pick up the phone and report it? So, what you have here is a threat to humans(yes, a bite could occur--what if it was an ARP?), a threat to small dogs and cats, and, of course, the threat to the snake as well.

I am amazed at how many people just jumped right in and suggested breaking the law!! This is the wrong way to improve reptile keepers reputations. Whether right or wrong, we must obey the laws. I am not saying they are all good laws, but they are laws, and those that violate them hurt the other responsible herpers out there. New legislation is being brought in every day, in cities all over the world--legislation to BAN reptiles from being kept as pets. By willfully violating these laws, you increase the odds of these extreme laws being passed.

Sorry to be a prick, I just had to let that out.
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