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Exclamation Iguana Situation - Important Clarification

I would first like to thank everyone for their emails and phone calls with information pertaining to the iguana abandonment case at the herp show this past weekend. I greatly appreciate everyone taking the time to do so. This means the world to us.

Thankfully the iguana is doing extremely well now and treatment for the thermal burns is nicely underway. Fecals and bloodwork are going to be carried out today as well so hopefully everything comes back clear.

However, it has been brought to our attention that people have misinterpreted my posts and some people have the idea that the show host is to be blamed or did not help in the matter. He is NOT responsible for this so please do not attack him for any of this.

The person that did nothing was the person/persons that were with the individual that actually pitched the iguana over the fence himself. They did nothing to stop this. This has nothing to do with the show host or any of the vendors there.

When I referred to people not being able to help at the time in my previous post, I was refering to people being unable to house this iguana for us - that's it. No one else at the show should be held accountable in any way.

Yes, emotions might have been running a little high from a group of people that were helping in this given the situation. But please, do not direct any blame towards the host/vendors. They are not responsible - they are as responsible for this event as we are.

There was a limited amount of options available at the time when this occured - our hands were tied as well. We are grateful for the help we have received thus far from the host and vendors and hopefully this particular individual can be found.

So I do apologize if my wording was too vague but there are no grounds to direct these things at any one other than the guilty party.

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