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hmmmm...all i know is that i bought one the other day that said ..."Measures Indoor/Outdoor temperature and humidity"
Well i read this as if both were going to be read indoor and outdoor. Well, i guessed wrong!
the way they worded it can be interpreted both ways...obviously not the way i wanted.
And to top it all off, once the humidity goes beyond 85 % it just reads "high" lol
Definately not going to be used for incubating if i get eggs this year.

The best one on the market that i have used, is one by radio shack, I have had it for along time and it has always read right, despite getting water bowls tipped on it etc...

It comes with a large portable LCD display monitor and the unit you actually put into the cage/incubator.
That way, you can have the monitor in another room (by your computer perhaps,...i keep mine on my bedside and gat the reading without having to go by the unit. And its numbers are huge!!

Also, it can have up to 3 different channels, which means three different poratable units that u can stick into incubator, a burm cage, and a JCP's cage, all located in different rooms!

Although, only one unit comes with the initial buy, extra ones are just 35 bucks i think.

The main monitor changes every 10 seconds or so and gives u the different readings from each channel.
As well as each one can have its own alarm if you program the highs and lows, etc...
Which is perfect for incubating!!!!!!!!!!
Each unit also comes with a mounting apparatus....

why am i telling you all this!
Heres the


Dom, In my opinion, the unit is well worth the cash man!!!!
And you can hold me to that!

Grant van Gameren
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