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LOL no offense buddy but listen to yourself, I wouldn't think a member on this forum would talk like that.

Here in the states, the cities with larger populations have stricter protect the citizens. Having a 15 foot burm running loose in a small country town would be bad enough....having one loose in London or NYC would be tragic.
Dude, its a burmese python, think really hard what your saying, it is the mentality of people like yours who place these laws. A burm on the loose ISNT a murderer with a gun. Snakes aren't out they to attack us, its not like their priority in life is to attack and "kill" humans. What is so tragic?! Like seriously, the worst is he eats a cat, then is full for a week. By then, he should be found anyhow. Yes of course there is a possiblilty of he/she biting someone but its not like the snake can kill anyone. Thats like saying we should ban steak knifes because I can kill somone with it or accidentally drop it on someone, cutting them or whatnot. Honestly, sorry to be a prick I just had to let that out.
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