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At times, the laws can suck. But, whether they are right or wrong, they are a condition that we live under. I hate to give the ol "must have laws to keep peace" speech, but much of it applies here. Someone in this thread also made a comment about anti-pitbull petitions. Is that so hard to believe?

Laws are created to protect the general public, even though at times, we think they are stupid. If you do not put a limit on things, then things get out of hand. I will agree, only two snakes under 2 feet seems crazy. But, you did say that you live in London? Here in the states, the cities with larger populations have stricter protect the citizens. Having a 15 foot burm running loose in a small country town would be bad enough....having one loose in London or NYC would be tragic.

After you cut your collection down to the legal limit, then start that petition--see what can be done. Until then, keep quiet.

Breaking laws, (true, you did not know) only adds to the already extreme fear that the public have of reptiles, snakes in particular. Spouting off or making a scene will only add to this.

The first question I would be asking myself, though, is how did they find out????
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