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Fedex Oopsie!!

My new boa was shipped out yesterday by Fedex, and when he hadn't arrived today by the usual shipping time I started to get worried, so I went to the website to track the package. It said he won't arrive until Monday!! I called the company to find out what the problem was, since I was told by the breeder that the snake was shipped overnight, and Fedex told me that the shipper didn't specify Saturday delivery, so overnight means the next business day, which is Monday. Ack! But that's not all! I told them that the package contained a live animal and that he needed to be kept warm, and they told me that Fedex doesn't allow the shipment of live animals!!!! Let me tell you what a surprise that was for me!! Luckily the Fedex people have been very nice, and said that it wasn't a problem this time, and that they would put a note on the box that it is a live animal that needs to be kept in a warm room, so everything should turn out ok.

The breeder I bought from should have specified Saturday delivery, first of all, and he should have know that Fedex didn't ship animals!!! I am not a happy customer!! If this boa arrives in anything less than perfect condition, I will turn into the customer from hell, let me tell you!

- Victoria :w
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