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red eared slider ?

I don't know much about turtles so I need a recommendation for a really good care sheet.....I've gone through quite a few on the net but so far they've all been pretty basic....and some of them I don't know which to believe.....
anyhow.....its important i find one husband works with a guy who's girlfriend bought two turtles which she said were "something fire turtles". We went over to their place for a work bbq and the turtles are red eared sliders. I think that the knowledge she has on them is strictly from the pet store so I want to help her but especially the two little turtles....

Oh of them is shedding alot of skin from its head, can anyone tell me why this is happening??...i've never heard of turtles shedding their skin(aside from the carapace).

Help is greatly appreciated...
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