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Smile Thank you everyone...more

I greatly appreciate the wealth of information that has been pouring in - it is encouraging to see how many people remember this group of individuals. All this added info should prove to be extremely valuable when coupled with any information that may be forthcoming from the individual that said they see this person all the time.

Several individuals have now confirmed the time they were at the show - ie roughly noon and that there was a group of them. The individual carrying the iguana initially apparently had brown hair, did not wear glasses and was alsoapparently tall and skinny.

The penalties from jurisdiction to jurisdiction will vary if convicted. Here in Burlington there is a $5000 fine and up to 2 years in prison, on top of the possible prohibition on owning/keeping animals. In many cases though it is tough to get a conviction which is why we are hoping that the people who saw anything - especially the individual that actually witnessed the iguana being pitched over the fence comes forward.

Thankfully the iguana is doing extremely well with fecal and bloodwork being carried out today. Treatment of the thermal burns began immediately on Sunday afternoon after the iguana was removed from the show.

Someone else mentioned that they may have purchased some leopard geckos at the show as well.

You can contact the OSPCA via their site at They have actually done a wonderful job with the latest bill in terms of increasing the penalities - things before this were quite depressing.

Thank you once again everyone and if we come across any more information I'll be sure to post it. Hopefully these people can be found.


p.s. If anyone took any pics at the show of the crowd, is there any chance that the people with the iguana were caught in the background in your pics?
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