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Hi all!

Thanks for all the advice and the comments...yes I think that the law sucks really bad up here in Canada.....

before the stupid human society comes back to my place again I'll have to move all the snakes to my friends place (which is only two floors below me....which is pretty good....) I guess that the only thing that I can do is to leave them at my friend's place until the stupid human society comes and checks my house that there are no more snakes in the building before moving them back up.....sigh.....I will change the locks and everything in my building once I get my snakes back into my house for sure!

Cause I think what happened was that the stupid building manager came into my house (when I was not at home) to do something to the building and once they got into my house they found all these snakes and stuff......and then called the human just to let you all know.....I HATE THE MANAGEMENT OF MY BUILDING!!! I HATE THE STUPID MANGERS EVEN MORE!!!

Sorry just had to let that out.......
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