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Toronto Zoo Pics *dial up warning*

Had a visit to the Toronto Zoo this morning! Had a great time as usual.

Although I must say around 11 when many people started getting there I was really dissapointed. Parents had apparently taught their children no manners, almost every shot I took a child would actually BUMP directly into me without a "sorry" or "excuse me" from the parent or child. Kids were banging on the glass, and basically running free while the parents stood there looking stupid. So before I continue folks I would like to mention two things, 1. Teach your kids basic manners! *L* and 2. It's really only cute when your own kid does something. To the rest of us its annoying and unruly. haha sorry just had to put that out there. On to the pics.

Nice White Lip Python (i believe)
<img src="">

Red Tailed Rat
<img src="">

<img src="">

Some sort of frogs but I really like the photo
<img src="">

The BEST animal there:
<img src="">

Crap pic but nice little emmy
<img src="">

<img src="">
<img src="">

Thanks for looking. And like I said, sorry about the crappy pics but standing still when 55 unsupervised children are basically touching you is difficult. I took many other photos but who cares about the non-reptilian ones. lol

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