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The Edmonton show is smaller than Calgary's TARAS show, with a focus on herp display and public education, promotion of the hobby, although there have been more vendors in the last couple years. There are about 35 tables, much of the good stuff for sale goes early on the first day and there can be good deals to be had. There are certainly great people to chat with and make connections.

I don't know any of the vendor list for this spring show, but you might want to let people on this forum know what you are looking for, and if someone from elsewhere in Alberta has what you want, you might be able to make arrangements to have it transported to you if someone is coming up to Edmonton for the show.

The Edmonton venue is not a huge building, it is pretty packed with people most of the time both days. Getting there first thing Saturday is a good idea - later in the day there are lots of kids and it can be hard to get around. The herp selection for the spring show may be limited because there won't be many babies from breeders yet, but if you are in the market for some gorgeous Dumerl's boas, Neil, a local breeder may still have some left - they are just beautiful. Will likely be leopard geckos, bearded dragons, corns, milks and kings, possibly carpet pythons if I break down and decide to sell my jungles.

Hope you will enjoy it, even though it is a small show, it will get you hooked and you will make it to the next TARAS or Red Deer one.

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