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Re: How Many Mice Should Be Fed to a Ball Python?

Originally Posted by MizCandice View Post
I would venture to guess that YES the snake was being underfed. I also second the notion that its easier, more cost effective and less time consuming to feed an appropriate sized meal as apposed to lotsa small ones, though for some reasons( ill snake, freshly hatched, feeding trouble) it can be necessary in the short term. You have received some sound advice above and Ill add that if weighing the meal isn't an option you can eye ball the rat .. It should be 1-1.5 times the girth of the largest part of the snakes body. ( You probably know most of this as you seemed to be asking about another snake/post it may be beneficial for those people less familiar with proper sizing.) You also want to make sure the snake has dedicated before offering it a second meal if it will be shortly after the first IMHO.
Yes, I did bring up those other points with them as well, but they were absolutely convinced that their method was correct. I'm now convinced that if their bp was indeed of a good weight that they were either lying about how they fed it or it was thinner than what they thought. They never provided a photo, however, so I couldn't tell you. Our conversation has long ended, but I will make sure to use some of the points brought up in this thread next time that someone does something similar, or just linking them here. I do use the weight method, and it's much easier to determine since buying an electric scale a month or two ago.
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