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You and I are friends, but DUDE!!!!!! that last comment is EXACTLY the reasoning people use to create the laws like the one banning Simons herps!! Your post gives fuel to the fire on "ALL HERP OWNERS ARE GUN TOTIN" BIKER TYPES". I know from our previous disscussions your a passionate dude about the hobby, but don't turn passion into ignorance.
If you thing "big brother" isn't reading these forums.............THINK AGAIN. I personally know someone in Fish & Wildlife, who frequents these forums to police them for Alberta's by-laws!

And one last thing, remember this--In Canada if you get bit by a snake, you simply go to the hospital and get stiched up, in the US you go pay $1000's of dollars and maybe get average care. Paying of course for every follow up and prescription. Once and a while our "OPPRESSIVE" gov't does the right thing.....agree??

Damien (hopefully still your bud!)
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