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is he great with real cars? not r/c cars it helps you you have meachanical knowledge but tuining a 2 stroke nitro engine is a pain you must tune the carb everytime you run it as good articles showing how to do it if you read them you probley wont have much of a problem doing it but the cars can break suspention arms like nuts. you would probley better off with a electric they go just as fast with a good motor and have much better acceleration as well as low maitance a traxxas stampede would be a good choice they are nearly unbreakable my friend used to launch his over his shed off a huge ramp with a landing ramp if you lined it up right it wouldntbreak but if it was off it would be broken any ways electric is great for newbies i started with it went nitro and now i am atgas engines i am building a r/c boat however i wont have any thing with wheels for a long time
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