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For those of you incubating eggs...

...this is just something to think about.

I was cooking some crested eggs in ceramic soil. The incubator is in a dark corner, and I didn't notice the color change indicating the incubation medium was drying up. Usually it doesn't, but it's amazingly dry in the area right now.
Half way through incubation or even later, I finally noticed that the eggs were half sunk in.
I put a piece of damp paper towel over each egg, moistened the substrate, and really didn't think I'd be getting anything from the eggs.
The eggs did fill out again, but looked bumpy and absoultely horrible. But they didn't mould over, so I didn't move them.

Today, this little guy hatched out.

<img src="">
<img src="">

I know how many times it's been said...but unless they are smelling and fuzzy with some kind of mould, don't through those eggs out!
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