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Dont know if this helps, but here is Toronto's bylaw regarding reptiles, where it prohibits:

Crocodylia (such as alligators, crocodiles, gavials)
All snakes which reach an adult length larger than 3 metres
All lizards which reach an adult length larger than 2 metres.
All venomous and poisonous animals.


Also, here is Brampton's bylaw regarding:
No boids
No venomous reptiles
No crocodilians
No arachnids

They do not seem to have a maximum length limit, but by banning all boids, they have automatically set a limit of 7-8 feet.


Just like Jeff H said, perhaps these bylaws would help you show that London's bylaws are too restrictive, I cannot think of many snakes that have an adult length of 2 feet.

Hope this helps.
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