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Re: How Many Mice Should Be Fed to a Ball Python?

Originally Posted by bigsnakegirl785 View Post
That's how I feed my boa, and next time I get some rats I was going to start my ball on it, too. Last I measured Bud he was 1275 grams I believe (2lb 13oz). He's due to be weighed again, though. I have weighed his rats, but I'll weigh the ones I got since then and see how their weight compares. He's offered a rat weekly, but he only takes a rat every 2 weeks or once a month and he's been eating like that for awhile. He's starting to get better now, and he's eating every 2 weeks more often than he is every month instead. He ate a little over a week ago, but refused his meal this time so I'll try again next week. He hasn't lost any weight over this time, so I'm not worried yet, but I've already discussed it with my vet and he's ready for me to bring him in if he does start losing weight.

Bud's gender is completely unknown to me, I am only assuming he is a male.

Either way, my question was only asking if it was possible that they could be underfeeding their 4ft ball python by feeding only 2 mice weekly, or if I was overfeeding by feeding 6+ mice to a 3.5ft ball python.

Ok great.

No need to be taking your animal to the vet if he's off food for a few weeks. At nearly 1300g I wouldn't even blink if he (she?) was off food for four months or more. An animal that size would only drop a little in four months.

A friend had a large female go off food for nearly two years once....then just start back up again.
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