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some ideas for you.....

*kids like to touch things, so bringing in some old sheds would be great. If you have none lying around a local pet store might have old sheds and prehaps even tarantula molts to offer, I know I always keep some around to hand out to enthusiastic kids.
(at this point you can mention leopard geckos EAT their shed, nothin like the gross factor to cheer up a bunch of 10 year olds).
*ask them questions, kids like to show off what they know...see if they can name three of the worlds biggest snakes(good idea to get the string out to demonstrate), do any of them know any snakes native to Ontario?
*point out interesting, some snakes give LIVE birth to their young, snakes actually have TEETH, explain how a snake swallows it's prey..uuummmm....i'm lost for lizard facts, lol, I'm a snake girl myself.

I can prolly help you more when it's not 1a.m.

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