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I have checked the law of London already. it is true. I can only have 2 snakes that are less than 2 feet long I am either going to challenge the stupid law (since I have talked to my counselor that represents my area). He told me that I can try and change it but he also told me that this had been done before and did not succed.......

I guess that there are basically two or three options that I can do...1) move away from london and find a better place to live 2) challenge the stupid law 3) just ignore it.....which I think that they'll just hunt me down and kill me instead....

I just hate this stupid law and I have no idea why this is..... I will try and apply for a business permit or something so that I can keep the snakes~~ I am not going to give up my babies just like that~~~ I heard from Rich that he has applied for a snake farm.....I wonder if London would allow me to do that too......sigh...
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