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Damn Laws!!!! Hate it!!!!

Hey guess what happened today? I was about to go out my door to go to school and all that. All of a sudden there was this guy in front of my door. He told me what he was one of those people from the London Human Society. Then he came into my house and walked and talked a bit. Then gave me this stupid warning about having too many snakes at home. Then I asked him how much are we allowed to have at home.....then he told me that by law, we are only to have a max of 2 snakes that are less than 2 feet long at home. Anything more than that is against the law!!!! So basically I am to get rid of my whole collection except 2 that are less than 2 feet long!!!!! I am really mad right now! Cause there are basically no snakes that are going to be less than 2 feet long and there are no way that I am only going to keep 2 snakes in my house!!! I am going to go for the law thing! I am going to be calling the City Hall and talk about this for sure! What do you think??

Oh I am just so mad right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any suggestions to what I should do guys and gals?
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