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Reptile Department Employee

Reptile Department Employee
Herper Grandis

Temperment-Usually calm and docile,but can be excitable around other herper's and reptiles.

Growth Potential- 5-6 feet in height.
80-90 year life span.

Diet- Fast food,coffee,and choclate.
Occasional insect eaten when double dared.

Habitat Needs- Warm room with good stereo system and a lot of herps.Provide internet for enrichment. PS2 optional.

Terrain- Found at zoo's,reputable pet stores,and reptile expo's.

Lighting Needs- Heat and UVB provided by the mulitpple reptiles kept in bedroom.

Skill Level- Advanced

I got this from my old supervisor from the pet store i used to work at. She must have been bored one day.
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